Personal finance software for budgeting

Learn how to manage your finances through your smartphone, install the most convenient program for accounting income and expenses! Here is the list of the best alternatives.

The purpose of using finance software for budgeting

Doing home accounting is a huge benefit. You know exactly how and where you spent your money, what your savings were spent on, you can control your expenses. In the future, you will be able to analyze your purchases and assess their significance.

From a psychological point of view, budget planning will help you find peace of mind and emotional stability. You will know exactly what to expect. No need to worry that there will not be enough money. On the other hand, you and your family will be more respectful of money and think through every purchase. It may seem boring to some, but very soon you will be able to appreciate all the benefits of accounting for costs and income.

You can keep records by hand, systematically writing down in a notebook or notebook all income and expenses. You can use for these purposes the simplest programs – Word or Excel. But it is much more convenient to install a special program on your smartphone, which is designed for systematic and careful accounting of all your cash receipts and expenses. Consider the most popular of them.

The best alternatives of finance software for budgeting

  • Monefy

This is one of the most popular applications for smartphones. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to instantly add new records and control all costs. Monefy allows you to plan your expenses according to a given budget, not all income. The application also has a synchronization system via Dropbox, which will allow you to add recordings from different devices or keep track of the entire family budget.

  • Personal capital quicken

The application has an interesting design and many features. You sort your money into different “wallets” and monitor their condition. The main feature is that it can record your debts and regular payments and at the right time will remind you to pay for utilities or make a loan payment. In the application, you can also create plans for large purchases or savings – the funds you want to save every month will automatically “disappear” from your budget, so you do not count on them.

  • Wallet

The application also boasts a simple intuitive interface and during registration provides you with an online assistant that introduces you to all the tools. Its feature is the automatic control of your finances. Wallet can tie multiple bank cards and it will synchronize transactions by category and categorize them. That is, you do not have to make every cup of coffee or subway ride manually. You will be able to summarize all your financial transactions in clear graphs created by the application. You can also find current exchange rates here.

  • Money Manager

This is a very functional application, so it can not boast of the simplicity of the interface. However, Money Manager has many other benefits: from PC synchronization to credit and debit card management. You can also set a limit on your expenses in the app and it will remind you to exceed this plan. There is a calculator and a calendar, and you can attach a check to each purchase and categorize it. By category, you will be able to view statistics to understand which costs need to be adjusted.