Alicia Malone Net Worth

Alicia Malone has an estimated net worth of . Alicia Malone is a Australian Freelance film journalist and reporter.

Alicia Malone Real Name / Alicia Malone Full Name Alicia Maree Malone
Alicia Malone Net Worth
Alicia Malone Birthday (Year-Month-Day) 1981-9-4
Alicia Malone Nationality Australian
Alicia Malone Occupation Freelance film journalist and reporter
Alicia Malone Height 1.66 m or 5 ft 5 inches
Alicia Malone Weight 60 kg or 132 pounds
Alicia Malone Marital Status Single
Alicia Malone Ethnicity White
Alicia Malone Education Canberra Girls Grammar
Alicia Malone Kids None
Alicia Malone Kids Names


Alicia Malone net worth is $ million USD
Alicia Malone has a networth of $ million USD
Alicia Malone has an estimated wealth of $ million USD
Alicia Malone has approximately $ million USD

Freelance film journalist and reporter Alicia Malone is introducing the classic films every Sunday since January 2018 as a television host on Turner. From covering the Sundance Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival to delivering TED talks, Alicia has a broader vision in the TV industry and has followed her passion towards films by traveling around the world.

The classic film lover appeared on TVNZ’s New Zealand’s Breakfast on One as an Entertainment Correspondent in 2013 and became a guest panelist and host of Screen Junkies Universe in DEFY Media in 2015.

Wiki & Bio- Tattoo, Height

Born as Alicia Maree Malone in 1981 in Australia, Alicia celebrates her birthday on the 4th of September. She resided in Sydney for a while and moved to the United States in Los Angeles, California. At a young age, the TV show host developed a taste for films and picked out the movies at Friday night video store.

Alicia has a decent height and holds Australian nationality. Talking about her education, she attended Canberra Girls Grammar in Australia and while at school, she was a president of a film club. The film reporter has a tattoo around her right feet inscribed as ‘Explore.’

Classic Film Lovers Family

Movie reporter Alicia became enthusiast towards movies due to her parents who bestowed lessons to her regarding classic films. Although it is not sure whether her family has a connection towards the movie industry, both her father and mother love the cinemas. Her father almost has watched every classic film that got released until night in Australia.

Alicia has a vivid memory of being dragged out of bed to watch the American Technicolor mystery thriller film Rear Window. Although Alicia became scared at first, she loved the 1954 classic masterpiece and got accustomed towards the classic horrors, thrillers, sci-fi, and mysteries.

Married Now Or Single?

In contrast to Alicia’s obsession with the movies, her fixation to romantic life is shrouded in mystery. Though the freelance film journalist is often seen talking about LGBT and poking fun regarding her future husband, she is single and enjoying her singlehood to the fullest.

(Photo: Twitter)

Alicia has reached her late 30’s, but, she is yet to get married. Let’s hope that the lady finds her dream partner shortly.

Career And Net Worth

Alicia worked as a host and producer of film content in her native country Australia before moving into Hollywood during late 2010 to chase her dreams in the movie industry. She lived in Los Angeles working as a freelance film journalist on several TV channels like MTV, Hollywood Today Live, IGN, Today Show, Fandango, and more.

Alicia joined Turner in May 2016 and briefly hosted for FilmStruck reviewing the movies and providing the context of the cinemas, and it’s history.

With over a decade of tenure in the film industry and journalism, Alicia undoubtedly has racked some hefty amount of net worth, that is yet to get disclosed.

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